Book Review: The Final Girls

It’s been a little over a week since I finished The Final Girls by Riley Sager, and let be firm in saying that I’ve thought about that book at least once a day since I had put it down. I’ll boast and admit I think I’m great at calling out plot twists before they happen but this was not the case with The Final Girls — Sager blew me out of the water with her story. I’ve been thinking the only way she could have come up with the storyline was to have a bulletin board in front of her with ideas and images strewn across it, all connected with pieces of thread. I think she’s a genius storyteller and I can’t wait for more.

At first glance-of-the-synopsis I thought this would be an outrageously corny story as it was described as three women all surviving mass murder facing dark mystery together. Well, it was outrageous but it was far from corny.

The reader hops on this wicked ride with Quinn, the protagonist, through her current-day issues of trying to forget the trauma she experienced watching her friends get murdered. They’re then also taken back in time through flashbacks as Quinn tries to silence her demons as the antagonist cunningly tries to make her remember. The entire read I was left wondering why Quinn had to remember and why her fellow “Final Girl” was trying to unleash these memories — it was only up until the last few chapters that we find out why that is; and the entire edge-of-your-seat ride was worth getting to that destination.

I finished this book in two days and I highly recommend it to anyone thrill seeking through literature and who can appreciate a quick read. I’m ready for more from Riley Sager and I don’t want to wait any longer!

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