Part II

March 28 2017,

I’m not quite sure what I’m on to but I do think that I’m on to something. I’m also not sure who to talk to about this because it appears most of my friends I try to talk to think I’m absolutely nuts, so I made this blog to talk about my investigation — for lack of a better word… I’m not going to flat out say that I believe in the supernatural but there is something unnatural about what’s going on along the east coast and someone needs to talk about it. I’m not sure what I’d call it, exactly, maybe a demon would be the best word… it’s the only name I’d attach to the person or thing committing these crimes. Three months ago Gloria Hill was brutally murdered inside her own home and her husband is the only suspect in the case — in fact, his fingerprints are all over the crime scene and murder weapon but he was hundred of miles away at a medical convention. From what I gather on the web all signs point to him being her killer but he’s also seen in photographs from the four-day-long convention across the country. Gloria had no known enemies and, of course, they seemed to have been in a happy marriage — cliché. The investigation is still going on and it doesn’t look hopeful for the doctor and the authorities can’t really explain him being so far away and still being able to stab his wife to death. This case already piqued my interest and sent chills down my spine but nothing new has surfaced from the investigations and it seems to be falling off the media radar.

Gloria was killed in Philadelphia and then two months ago (a month after her murder) Gloria was allegedly seen in Albany, New York at a little highway gas station. The police investigated and the fingerprints left by the mystery woman matched the deceased. A week after that, a few miles north of Albany, there’s another murder. A husband and wife, again, presumably happy, killed each other on their wedding anniversary. The wife, Laura, was drowned in the bathtub upstairs and the husband, Mark, was stabbed to death in the kitchen. Laura didn’t just drown in the bathtub, she was in the bath and it was drawn therapeutically and romantically… Of course Mark could have drawn the bath for her — which probably happened — because I surely wouldn’t just hop in the bath if I thought my husband wanted to kill me. Mark was stabbed to death in the kitchen by Laura, at least that’s what forensics are saying from the finger prints on the kitchen knife and the DNA under his finger nails.

This whole thing just weirds me out because the scene doesn’t feel right. Who died first? If Laura killed Mark then who drowned Laura? Because here’s the kicker… not that it’s an exact science but the marks on her neck allegedly could have come from Mark. There’s something missing from this case and I don’t think it’s a matter of the authorities hiding something from the public, I don’t think they know what they’re looking for either. I’m no crime expert — in fact, I’m the farthest thing from it as a liberal arts major in community college — but even if this was some sort of organized crime hit I don’t think it would have ended up looking like this… not at all.

But again, just like The Hills, the murders of Laura and Mark Hammond seem to be falling off the media radar and investigations seem to be hitting a dead end. Nothing feels human about them. I’ve never really been one to talk about, or think about, things that go bump in the night but sometimes our brains just wander there. Throughout history and across a wide range of cultures there’s always some sort of story or lore about shapeshifters in some way or another… I’m starting to wonder if we’re not the only forms of intelligent life on this earth…

Any takers?


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