In Memoriam

“Gone is your light,

never to shine again.

Hearts have been broken,

shattered like porcelain.

No one believe this,

no way your journey is done.

But this is permanent,

death cannot be undone.

Your earthly body had met it’s match,

but with us, your soul is still here.

You touched innumerable lives,

grief’s pain makes that very clear.

And together our broken hearts

grant you life without end.

For with the power of memories

it is death you transcend.”

— I decided to quickly write a poem in memory of a teacher that I had in ninth grade. I just found out today that he suddenly passed away last night at the age of thirty-five due to an “unknown medical condition.” Not much is known yet, at least from what it seems. This teacher was truly amazing, he cared about everyone he met inside and outside of his classroom. He was truly spectacular and the world has lost a beautiful soul. He leaves behind his wife, a two-year-old son, and a two-month-old son. May he Rest In Peace.

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. I am sorry for your hurting and loss. Thank you for sharing an amazing soul whom you admired with the world! How beautiful is that! Take care dear one. ((Hug))


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