My Favorite Murder

I’ve always been a fan of all things creepy and macabre but I had never heard about this Podcast before until recently! My friend, Toi, recommended My Favorite Murder to me and, for whatever reason, I was very reluctant to start listening. I guess I always imagined people who listen to Podcasts as pretentious hipster — fuck me, right! Anyway, I’m beyond happy I caved in to my curiosity and gave this broadcast a shot and I have zero regrets. I even got another friend of mine, Beth, into it and she is afraid of everything. My Favorite Murder is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and they are pleasant, grim goddesses of murder. What I love about these two is that they’re real human beings and they don’t try to pretend to be anything more. It’s just two women sitting in a living room recording themselves talking about murder, deaths, serial killers, and disappearances like you’d talk about a TV show with one of your friends. There’s no scientific or medical jargon thrown around — and if they try they admit they’re probably wrong and want their fans to correct them. Speaking of fans, they love their listeners so freaking much I can’t stand it. They’ve got social media pages across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and are highly involved with their fans and listeners — at the end of every episode the madams of murder feature a “hometown murder” bit and read e-mails from their fans talking about murder cases that had happened from the listeners point-of-view. I started listening to My Favorite Murder while commuting to and from work and my love for the Podcast has grown so much that if I have free time I’m not reaching for the remote but instead I’m logging on to Spotify and trying to knock through a few broadcasts. That being said, there’s already over one-hundred episodes and I feel so behind but I can’t get enough of these two! The episodes are usually at least sixty-minutes-long and I never get bored or lose interest in what Karen and Georgia are talking about. Seriously, if you have any free time and interest in down-to-earth discussions on murder and it’s psychology then you need to listen. Now. Go!

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