Book Review: A Secret History of Witches

Okay, so I’m going to be super blunt: I fucking love witches and witchcraft so I’m super biased when it comes to saying I loved A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan. That being said, I’m also very aware of a few things about this book: 1) it was very slow. Like, if you’re imagining slow think even slower. 2) its an anthology, so you end up loving a few of the characters and not liking the others and then you’re not really happy with the balance of cool characters to shit characters ratio. 3) the storyline pretty much repeated itself with all five of the stories within the book. 4) for being a book about witchcraft the ending was a little unbelievable and the last story (part five) as disappointing. That being said, Louisa Morgan has such a beautiful way with words and often times I thought I was reading poetry. I admire her work because it takes great talent to jam five different stories into one book and flawless intertwine them, which she did. The last thing that really made me enjoy this book was this (for the most part — aside from part five) it felt rather historical and almost… believable. Sometimes it made me wonder “could witches be hiding among us?”

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