I don't know who you are, but I'll give you credit, you look just like her -- my sister. But she's not here, it's just you; and you, you are a monster. Rage, hatred, disgust -- she didn't dabble with the dark side. You are darkness; and she... was light. She is gone, and we're … Continue reading

Words II

Here's this week's list of new (or new again) and interesting words I came across: Languish. Insidious. Disingenuous. Flagellation. Acquiesce. Proprietary. Vitiate. Entropy. Enjoy!

In Memoriam

"Gone is your light, never to shine again. Hearts have been broken, shattered like porcelain. No one believe this, no way your journey is done. But this is permanent, death cannot be undone. Your earthly body had met it's match, but with us, your soul is still here. You touched innumerable lives, grief's pain makes … Continue reading In Memoriam